After 8 weeks of filming in New Orleans, Karrueche came back to LA and was ready to get back in the gym. Though she maintained a workout schedule while filming, and occasionally dropped in to train during breaks, we made sure to pick up exactly where we left off and didn't hold back. The one thing I can always count on with Karrueche is that no matter how busy she might be, she always makes the time to get a workout in. Consistency is key!


Here's a snippet of a piece of her first official workout back in LA:


Our dynamic warmup started with above the knee resistance band lateral steps for 15 reps on each leg, followed by above the knee resistance band squats for 15 reps.

After the warmup we went directly into 12 reps of 55 lb. barbell squats with the resistance band above the knee and gradually increased the weight to 65 lbs. 

The second move was a reverse single leg dumbbell lunge with 12.5 lb. weights for 8 reps on each leg directly followed by single leg dumbbell jump split squats with the same 12.5 lb weights for 8 reps on each leg.


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