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Stone Natural Medicine x Phlexx Fit Pack

The Fit pack includes three main products:

1. Raspberry Ketones - These are designed to be taken first thing in the morning to help with weight loss (specifically fat). Raspberry ketones have been shown to help metabolize fat in your diet while also help preventing fat from being stored in the future. It does so by promoting the increase of a hormone called adiponectin, a hormone that regulates glucose and the break down of fat.

2. Amino Acids - This product is essential for lean muscle and mass development since amino acids are required to synthesize proteins in the body. There are 9 separate amino acids that are not made by the body and therefore required to get through your diet. Along with these 9 “essential amino acids”, there are 9 other “non-essential amino acids” to help optimize lean body growth.

3. Tart Cherry with Turmeric - This product works wonders when taken at night before bed. It can help you fall asleep sooner and obtain optimal sleep. Tart cherry is also a highly beneficial antioxidant. It can help reduce free radicals in the body as well as help promote healing. Turmeric also helps the immune system and inflammation in the body such as joints from extraneous activities.



These three products are designed to lean you out along with promoting healthy tissue recovery and development. From destroying fat to producing muscle, this package has been carefully selected to provide  optimal results for any work out plan.