Becky G makes fitness a part of her life.  The young Star has begun a strength & conditioning program with Mario Guevara. Becky looks to increase her strength & stamina to help her perform at a higher level. 

It is no doubt the “sin pijamas” singer has a busy schedule. Therefore, she has joined our PHLEXX online community which she will utilize to assist her fitness needs while on the road.  The app will provide her with customized workouts designed by Mario Guevara to meet her specific needs. 
At PHLEXX we strive to accommodate all of our client's fitness needs and goals. Whether it is not having access to a gym or limited equipment, we will help you reach your fitness goals. We are excited to welcome Becky G into the PHLEXX team. Don’t forget to stay connected with us on social media: Instagram- @mrmvtfit @phlexx60 Twitter: @phlexx60 
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