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Just arrived our new PHLEXX bands!!!

Posted by Mario Guevera on

We are so happy to introduce our new PHLEXX bands.  This set was made with top quality materials to ensure durabilty. Our strength & toning package was made for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced fitness enthusiasts. 

First you will find our PHLEXX starter band, this band is great for warm ups and/or burnouts. 

The next band is our PHLEXX light band, made for those who are just getting started. 

Following is the PHLEXX medium band which is our intermediate band. 

Last we have our PHLEXX heavy band for those looking to achieve the ultimate fitness level. 

We look forward to seeing all of your progress/gains on social media. 

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Leg & Booty Superset

Posted by Mario Guevera on

 At Phlexx, the majority of our clients want to build the booty and strengthen their legs. For leg days we isolate certain muscles groups and add intensity with supersetting two exercises. The example below shows Australian model Jessica Cribbon demonstrating a barbell split squat with 65 lbs followed by a single leg step-up with kickback using 5-15lb dumbbells.     Split squat - 12 reps per leg Step-up w/ kickback - 8 reps per leg   *All workouts are executed after properly warming up.   Be sure to follow Phlexx on Instagram @phlexx60 and @jessicacribbon

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