HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has received great reception in the industry because of its ability to torch more fat in less time. This mode of training has been effective for many people and ranks among the top fitness trends for the past few years. The idea behind HIIT is doing short intense all-out work then following it with short periods of rest to give your body the ability to work harder than it usually does during steady-state cardio.

What is HIIT??

This training technique requires you to give a hundred percent effort through quick and intense bursts of workout then followed by short active periods of recovery. The training keeps the heart rate up while burning more fat under very little time.

The fitness and medical world considers this as one of the most effective means of improving respiratory endurance, your cardiovascular health and metabolism function.

This sequence is unusually repeated several times in a row for a duration of roughly 30 minutes. HIIT workouts are perfect for people working on a tight schedule with little or no time to exercise regularly. One perfect and popular example of a HIIT workout is running on a treadmill while alternating between a faster pace and a slower one.

The Benefits 

The benefits of HIIT workout are quite evident. They have the ability to change the body and your physical abilities since the exercise affects at least three important parts within your body. These include the hormone levels, the ability of the body to use oxygen and your cardiovascular health.

Besides, HIIT Workouts allow you to lose weight while preserving your muscles. The best part about HIIT workout is that you do it anywhere and you might not even require to use any equipment to make this possible.

Final Thoughts 

Recent research shows that most people who do HIIT workouts are happy with the outcome. They are the best form of activity especially for those looking to burn fat or improve their cardiovascular health but lack the time to engage in longer exercises.